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The Greater Yuma Port Authority (GYPA) is the local unified agency for the planning and building of the new commercial border crossing in Arizona. The facility will be located just South of Yuma and East of San Luis in the Southwest corner of Arizona. Having been established in September, 2000, GYPA has made great strides to make the new port, San Luis II a reality; opening in November 2010.

The San Luis II commercial port-of-entry will bolster commercial trucks entering/exiting Arizona with two modern ports-of-entry with the capacity to handle increased volumes of commercial traffic. San Luis II in San Luis and Mariposa in Nogales provide Companies easy access to the California/Nevada markets without having to send their trucks into those markets unless they desire to. Douglas is pushing hard for their commercial port-of-entry to be rebuilt and modernized so that Arizona will have great commercial access all along our Arizona Border.