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Renaming of State Route 195

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July 29, 2019

Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization

Yuma County— July 29, 2019 — At their regular meeting on July 23, 2019, the Arizona State Board on Geographic and Historic Names, approved Docket 2018-09, regarding the renaming of a portion of State Route 195, also known as the Area Service Highway, to the Robert A. Vaughan Expressway.


Robert A. Vaughan was the first Executive Director of the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization (YMPO) since its formation in 1983 through until his retirement due to health reasons on November 2, 1998. He was integral to the growth of the Yuma region and guided several transportation improvements through the process.

There was a dream! In the mid-80s there was a need that was unmet; henceforth, the birth, the planning efforts, and finally implementation of the SR 195 or Area Service Highway (ASH). In a final report, I-8 & US 95 Corridor Study of 1988 the need for an alternative corridor was identified. By 1994, two alternatives were preferred. The Base or Border Area Service Expressway and the ASH or Area Service Highway.

Once the preferred alignment was agreed, the following studies were initiated and funded by YMPO. An Intergovernmental Agreement was signed in 1999 with Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and Yuma County, the City of Yuma, the City of San Luis, the Town of Wellton and the Cocopah Indian Tribe. SR 195 or Area Service Highway project estimate was $70,000,000

Robert A. Vaughan’s dream came into realization through the 2000s and by 2010 the highway was in full operation. To “Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due” and to fulfill a promise spoken or implied, made by officials of the State of Arizona the SR 195/ASH would be re-named to the “Robert A. Vaughan Expressway” in honor of a man who envisioned the highway, 5 years after his death.

Positive Relations Feedback:

“We would like to thank All members for their support in this effort; the Mayors, Councils and Supervisors, YMPO Executive Board, Agency Administrators, and YMPO Technical Advisory Committee.”

-Executive Director, Paul D. Ward, P.E.

For more information, press only:

PR Contact Name: Executive Director, Paul D. Ward, YMPO

Phone Number: (928) 783-8911


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