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YMPO Rail/Heavy Freight Alignment Study Open House

By | July 6th, 2022 | 22 Comments



Comments will be accepted during the course of this study to accommodate any and all comments.

Please send comments to Charles Gutierrez



The Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization (YMPO) is conducting a study to identify a preliminary alignment for a possible rail/heavy freight corridor in the Yuma region. The project builds on the 2013 Yuma County Rail Corridor Study which recommended multiple rail corridor options between Sonora, Mexico, and Yuma County.
Since completion of the 2013 study, the City of Yuma and the unincorporated Yuma Foothills Area have increasingly experienced development interests. Ongoing development activity places new constraints on previously identified corridors.


High-level conceptual alternatives have been developed to make a north/south connection between the existing Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Sunset Route and the U.S./Mexico border. A technical analysis will be conducted to evaluate the feasibility of the alternatives based on several factors including environmental and land use constraints, development efforts, and public input.
The conceptual alternatives, shown in the map below, have been grouped into four geographical areas: South, South-Central, North-Central, and North. Grouping the alternatives provides an opportunity to identify a single corridor from multiple path options.
San Luis
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
4:30pm – 6:30pm
City of San Luis, Multi-Purpose Room
1090 E. Union Street, San Luis, AZ
Thursday, July 14, 2022
4:30pm – 6:30pm
Yuma County Public Works Facility
4343 S. Avenue 51/2 E, Yuma, AZ


To participate further from the Rail/Heavy Freight Alignment Open House, the surveys below can be downloaded, filled out, and sent back to the YMPO.

Rail/Heavy Freight Public Engagement Presentation

August 11, 2022 – Presentation .pdf


Story Boards 

Electronic Survey – Comments can still be submitted to the Charles Gutierrez –

YMPO Alternative Public Survey – English   .pdf

YMPO Alternative Public Survey – Spanish . 

Contact Person:
Charles Gutierrez
Senior Planning Manager
(928) 783-8911


Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – Free download



  1. Melvin Thayer

    July 8, 2022


    A new rail spur from San Luis is a good idea. It should be far east side of the city of Yuma. The spur should connect with the UP main between 7E, and 9E on the NS of Interstate 8. There is an industrial park between Araby, and 8E. We need to start utilizing that space for warehousing, and Distribution centers for retail and service corporations.

    If at anytime that the ports on the west coast are at capacity, then another port in Mexico, could bring freight up here. Autonomous trucks, and trucks with alternative sources of power are coming, so we need to start to plan our logistics and supply chain accordingly. Over the road freight is on its way out. The new generation of driver doesn’t like the lifestyle. So a perfect storm of new truck technology, and a new driver dynamic, should come a new logistics model to do the business of moving freight.

    The time has come for more distribution centers, and intermodal yards. Intermodal freight can be transported quicker by train, than over the road. The need for drivers would be more middle mile, and last mile, rather than just middle mile. Make middle mile regional. With an enhanced intermodal, and distribution infrastructure logistics logjams can be averted. All the elements come back to rail. With a global economy, we as a country must learn to compete in a global economy. Rail is the answer. This is a good idea.

    We also need to not put rail where it interferes with homes, businesses, or agriculture. Those are needed in our society also. So as far east as this can go once the rail enters the U.S. will be good for everyone. Maybe if we bring in some of our imports through Mexico, and bring them up here to Yuma, and then dispatch them to other parts of the US, then maybe we can clear this logjam in logistics.

  2. Bob Woodman

    July 9, 2022


    Perhaps you should start with the findings of the 2013 study.

    Present what the findings were with that study and build on that.

    Any rail corridor should be outside any agricultural area or irrigation district.

    Any rail corridor should be outside any residential area or potential residential area.

    The result would be to locate on the BMGR and located as far east as possible.

  3. Judi Kirkland

    July 11, 2022


    I am very unhappy with the proposed N5 route for a railroad spur. We purchased our home on Onammi Ave with the knowledge that 15E bordered state land and BLM land and that County 14 bordered the Barry Goldwater Range belonging to the Military. We currently don’t have street lights or noise from traffic or railroads and really enjoy our quite nights. I do believe a route from the Union Pacific to San Luis would be beneficial, just not where it impacts so many homes.

  4. Tony Leeper

    July 13, 2022


    It is imperative that ANY new rail line that is put in Yuma county doesn’t encroach on our farm land.
    Yuma can not loose any farm land to a rail line. Also, railroad crossings are dangerous enough, we don’t need a bunch of them around farm equipment and farm labor buses.

  5. Janna Wharton

    July 14, 2022


    I live off of 6E for the purpose of it is peaceful and quiet in our neighborhood WE DO NOT WANT THIS RUNNING ON 6E!

  6. Gary

    July 14, 2022


    I would like to know why this has been keep so secretive. At a Minimum you should have notified residents along the proposed routes. I am only hearing about this now (13 July) because it was posted on out neighborhood FaceBook page. Have NOT seen topic this on the local news. Have not HEARD of this on the local radio. Have NOT seen any flyers or letters in the mail at my residence.

  7. Michelle Arnold

    July 14, 2022


    Thank you for allowing us to leave comments.
    I DO NOT Approve a Rail/HEAVY Freight line coming through Yuma here, or there or anywhere!! Can you please fix your survey.
    The Virtual Surveys options do NOT allow you to not check any boxes if you do not approve of this at all. If you state that you want opinions we should be allowed to give them virtually and be allowed to NOT choose any of those route boxes! Yuma is growing and running more freight lines through our neighborhoods is not a good idea.

  8. Michael Edgar

    July 21, 2022


    I believe your survey is flawed. If you strongly disagree with the rail you are required to choose a route to complete the survey. In the various routes choices they should have included the choice of ‘ None of the above”
    You will receive false positives.

  9. John F Merrick

    July 21, 2022


    Please keep the railway away from the canals. Derailments happen more frequently than many think and one near a canal would pollute the water or damage the canal, thereby destroying crops by polluting the soil (perhaps permanently) before the water could be shut off and/or through dehydration in the case of mere damage. Contaminated water could also flow into Mexico, creating more issues.

  10. David Loo

    July 21, 2022


    To the extent that the rail/heavy freight line enters the United Staes through the San Luis Port II vicinity, the rail way line should be routed through the Avenue C corridor or further east (Ave B). The east San Luis sub-market should see continued growth over the next five to 10 years and a rail/heavy freight line through or adjacent to Ave D will impede growth and cause quality of life issues adjacent to proposed residential neighborhoods.

  11. Joel Thornburg

    July 22, 2022


    Unbeleivable! All involved in approving, purchasing, developing, selling, and buying finished homes near this proposed rail line should have been informed before they developed, sold, or purchased real estate anywhere near it. Had these plans been disclosed before I purchased my home at 7853 E 36th Place in 2018, I definitely would have looked and purchased elsewhere. Please consider your own reaction to news that a rail line was being considered in an area close to your own residence, before you propose the heavy freight/rail routes outlined to those who will have to live with the noise, traffic and all other aspects associated with implementation of this project.

  12. Linda Corrie

    July 25, 2022


    No no no it is of no benefit to the railroad to inany way help Tyma with traffic crossing and no less than 10 up to 23 intersections will be compromised and that is the right word this project will completely compromise transportation in Yuma and the railroad does NOT CARE and

  13. Mike Hughes

    July 27, 2022


    Please do not build you R R line close to our community, Sun Leasure. With the Marine air bace and race track so close, the added noise would be horable. Thanks

  14. Linda Marsha Futty

    July 27, 2022


    Dear YMPO: Your proposed NC-2 route runs directly by the Sun Leisure Estates development at County 14th St and 4th Ave Extension. We implore you not to run a heavy freight rail line so close to our homes. We already experience noise from MCAS, but at least that is mostly during the day. Heavy freight trains often run late at night, and they are loud. They may also be carrying toxic materials that could be dangerous so close to residences. Thank you for not building a heavy freight line near Sun Leisure Estates

    Linda Futty
    1448 W Jennifer Lane

  15. Linda Lavender

    July 27, 2022


    I am a resident of Sun Leisure Estates at county 14th and 4th Ave Extension. In reviewing the proposed
    Routes for the heavy rail line study, I want to strongly voice my objections to n1 and especially n2 as these two would severely adversely affect our entire community of mostly elderly retirees.


  16. Cynthia Budge

    July 28, 2022


    I live in Sun Leisure Estates and am “against” the N2 and N3 routes that come near my home!

  17. Cynthia Budge

    July 28, 2022


    I sent a message regarding route N1 and N2 close to Sun Leisure Estates. Please correct or edit my prior message that referred to N3. Thankyou

  18. Cynthia Budge

    July 28, 2022


    I sent a message regarding route N1 and N2 close to Sun Leisure Estates. Please correct or edit my prior message that referred to N3. Thankyou

  19. Pauline Cregar

    July 28, 2022


    Regarding the plans for a rail system running through the county from Mexico to Yuma, I am very much opposed to it.

    Regrettably, YMPO has chosen to not be completely transparent with such plans to completely disrupt and fundamentally alter rural life as we have now in the county. Notifying those that are potentially affected was insufficient. Not everyone follows local newpapers, and as such, myself and many neighbors I spoke with were completely unaware of the meetings being held in July. We also were completely unaware of the rail system being planned!

    Most of us living in the county of Yuma are living here expressly because we desire a quiet, peaceable, minimally occupied community in order to live life at a slower pace compared to “city living”.

    Running a freight rail system through here would ruin this community in multiple aspects. Property values would decrease significantly thereby reducing tax income for the county; congestion on MANY levels would drastically increase; trash, waste and unaccountable debri would increase significantly. Agricultural properties stretching all along the proposed system would be ruined. We need agricultural land to grow cotton, alfalfa, & citrus. What about increased illegal huma trafficking brought about by a rail that would destabilize our county in many ways, civilly and criminally?
    As the desire for rural living increases, and more individuals buy ranchettes here in the county, it seems like a slap in the face to many residents that YMPO would consider running a rail track through or near many of our back yards!

    I implore you to reconsider your plans. Put the track out in an undeveloped area like dateland or Wellton, or even the Winterhaven/Algodones/Felicity CA area that can bear the impact of a rail system without disrupting numerous individual lives and their properties!

  20. sheila abrams

    July 31, 2022


    Dear YMPO: Your proposed NC-2 route runs directly by the Sun Leisure Estates development at County 14th St and 4th Ave Extension. We implore you not to run a heavy freight rail line so close to our homes. We already experience noise from MCAS, but at least that is mostly during the day. Heavy freight trains often run late at night, and they are loud. They may also be carrying toxic materials that could be dangerous so close to residences. Thank you for not building a heavy freight line near Sun Leisure Estates.

    Thanks for participating,

  21. Brenda M Whitehorn

    August 9, 2022


    As a property owner in the N5 region I am adamantly opposed to placing the proposed Rail/heavy freight corridor in this area. Not only will this proposal have a direct impact on property values, it will bring additional excessive traffic into an area that already experiences a massive influx of traffic during the winter months. Additionally, I am concerned about the increase in pollution and toxic chemicals into the area. Lastly, I find It conspicuous that Yuma County is holding public meetings during the summer months when 85% of the property owners are not available to attend.

  22. cgutierrez

    August 18, 2022




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