Technical Advisory Committee

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The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a technical staff that is represented by each of the participating agencies and there may be one or more ex-officio non-voting representatives each from FHWA, FTA, YCIPTA, Yuma County Airport Authority, and the Quechan Indian Tribe. The TAC provides recommendations to YMPO staff and to the Executive Board. Both the Board and TAC work on transportation planning utilizing tax-based initiatives and federal funding to resolve issues such as traffic congestion.

The Robert A. Vaughan Express (RAVE or SR 195), 3E3 Traffic Interchange, Pathways, and YCAT are excellent examples of effective transportation planning to reduce traffic congestion and improve conditions for cars, pedestrians, buses, and bikes.

Top Row (Left to Right):  De’Laurien McKenzie, Jeffrey Kramer, Omar Heredia, Sam Palacios, Paul D. Ward, Susan Thorpe, Eulogio Vera, Susan Cowey, Joseph Grant, Michael Jones

Sitting (Left to Right):  Melissa Ramos, Jennifer Albers, Roger Patterson, Maggie Castro, Charles Gutierrez

Current TAC Members:

YMPO TAC Meetings are held at the Yuma County DDS, Aldrich Auditorium on the Second Thursday of each month unless a decision to cancel a meeting by the TAC is approved.

Location of Meetings:

*YMPO TAC Meetings are temporarily being conducted virtually