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The purpose of a public participation plan is to ensure a proactive public involvement process that assures the opportunity for the public to be involved in all phases of the planning process by providing complete information, timely public notice, opportunities for making comments, full access to key decisions, and early and continuing involvement in developing transportation plans and programs.

2017 Public Participation Plan

Public Participation

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The federal highway and transit bill requires that the program be made reasonably available for public review and comment. To comply with this requirement the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) held public hearings in three locations this year. The locations were in Phoenix, Oro Valley and Sedona. Members of the audience were given the opportunity to address the transportation board on any item in the program.

While copies of the tentative program are limited, copies are provided at each of the public hearings. The tentative is posted to the website and available for download between February and June. When the final program is approved, the tentative is removed from the website and the final is posted.

ADOT additionally provides an opportunity to comment on the program. For those that have an interest in ADOT’s transportation system, please use the ADOT Contact page.

ADOT Partnering also provided a banner on ADOT’s website asking the public to “Honk if you plan ahead”, which brought in many comments about the Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program.