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A Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, is a transportation policy-making and planning body with representatives of local, state & federal government and transit providers.

An MPO is required in urbanized areas of 50,000+ population.

An MPO ensures federal spending on transportation occurs through a comprehensive, cooperative and continuing (3-C) process.


The Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization (YMPO) is the leader for coordinating regional transportation with innovative communication and solutions.

We plan, coordinate, and integrate activities necessary to maintain a comprehensive, cooperative and continuing multi-agency transportation planning program.

Jurisdictions that make up the YMPO are the City of Yuma, Yuma County, the Cocopah Indian Tribe, the Town of Wellton, and the cities of Somerton and San Luis, Winterhaven, California and the Quechan Indian Tribe, and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) operating as “Local governments working together.”

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