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Prepare yourself, your vehicle before highway trips in extreme heat!

Must-have items include fully charged cellphone, drinking water, umbrella
July 10, 2019

PHOENIX – With merciless temperatures forecast over the coming days, be sure you and your vehicle are prepared before traveling on highways in the Arizona desert.

I-10 Sacaton

Motorists should always be ready for the possibility of becoming stranded, but that need is even more critical in extreme heat.

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s safety tips, available at, including the following:

For you and your passengers: Have extra drinking water for everyone in the vehicle, including pets, an umbrella for shade and a fully charged cellphone. Pro tip: Take a cooler to keep extra drinking water cold, and consider adding several frozen bottles of water to use for cooling off or to thaw and drink if needed.

If you must spend extended time along a highway due to a breakdown or some other delay, you’ll need sun protection. In addition to an umbrella, take sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat and wear loose-fitting, light-colored cotton clothing.

For your vehicle: Check the air conditioner and coolant levels, top off any vital engine fluids and make sure your battery is up to par. Check your tire pressure, as the combination of underinflated or overinflated tires and hot pavement can lead to a blowout.

Keep your tank at least three-quarters full. Running out of gas, especially in a remote location, is dangerous in extreme heat.

If your vehicle breaks down, call for assistance right away to reduce your wait, and run the air conditioning. If your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t working, roll down all windows.

Here are other recommendations if you are stranded along the highway in extreme heat:

  • Avoid parking in tall brush. A vehicle’s undercarriage is very hot and can ignite grass and other vegetation.
  • DRINK WATER. Make sure everyone, including pets, stays hydrated.
  • If the temperature inside your vehicle becomes too hot, everyone, including pets, should exit carefully and seek out or create a shaded area as far away from the travel lanes as possible.
  • Be careful walking on the road surface, which can be hot enough to burn skin. Keep your shoes on and try to keep your pets’ paws off the pavement.
  • Raise the hood and turn on hazard lights.

Real-time highway conditions are available on ADOT’s Arizona Traveler Information site at, by calling 511 and through ADOT’s Twitter feed, @ArizonaDOT. When a freeway closure or other major traffic event occurs, our free app available at will send critical information directly to app users in affected areas – where possible, in advance of alternate routes.









YMPO is proud to present the Regional Strategic Transportation Safety Plan Update and Bicycle/Pedestrian Study and Design Standards.

YMPO is in the Public Participation Outreach phase of each project. We are in need of your help in understanding Regional Safety issues with our roadway network and the Regional Bike and Pedestrian concerns.

Infrastructure, whether safety, bike, or pedestrian, connects households across metropolitan areas to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare, and education. The economy needs reliable infrastructure that benefits our public that use the multimodal infrastructure to traverse the region safely and efficiently, using different modes of transportation.

YMPO has some ways to participate in the Public Outreach for these projects.

Social Pinpoint:

YUMA MPO Interactive Comment Map

Covers both Safety Plan and Bike/Pedestrian Study


Safety Plan Update – Survey

Bike and Pedestrian Study and Design Standards – Survey

Contact:  Charles Gutierrez

Phone: 928-783-8911





YMPO 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program Draft



The comment phase of the YMPO 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The YMPO TAC and Executive Board have approved the draft TIP. This is currently in the Draft Phase.

YMPO is currently in the Air Quality (AQ) Phase of the TIP Process. When all AQ documents are approved will the TIP be approved in its entirety.

YMPO DRAFT 2020 – 2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)




More bike lanes coming to Yuma…

More bike lanes coming to Yuma as AZ drivers ranked among worst in nation

YUMA, Ariz. – In an effort to promote bike safety, the City of Yuma is working on making more space on the roads for cyclists.

Starting with the new bicycle lanes out near the Foothills on Avenue 9E, which are expected to be completed July 3.

The bike route bridges the communities between the railroad tracks, to college park, and all the way across the freeway, creating a safer transit route for locals who prefer two wheels over four.

The Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization (YMPO) plays an integral role in implementing more bike lanes across the Yuma region

YMPO Senior Planning and Mobility Manager, Charles Gutierrez said, “We’re always looking for each of the municipalities and cities to put a component of bicycle-pedestrian pieces in there. [By] putting in a bike path and a multi-mobile type pathway, you’re promoting something that has never been done in this region.”

This is an issue that has concerned many local cyclists, like Gene Dalbey, the president of the Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition.

The bottom line is being safe and to share the road and to be courteous to each other. I have as much access to the road as the next person, said Dalbey.

And it is the drivers Dalbey doesn’t trust, saying There’s a lot of things that could happen and there’s a lot of people who don’t get really good motor transportation training to be a good driver.

In fact, a recent study by reveals Arizona ranked 7th among the nation’s worst drivers.

Some of the metrics that got Arizona to that spot include fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven. It’s the 11th highest rate of all the states, explained Smart Assets VP of Financial Education, AJ Smith.

Gutierrez said there’s an outcry from the cyclist community for more bike lanes, but the best way to voice concerns is via the YMPO website.

That way, the city can identify areas that need bike paths and lanes.




Madison Roundabout

The Vision 2020 Plan, drafted in the mid 1990’s, was a Vision’ of what the people of Yuma would like to see by the year 2020. The plan was designed to give the public what it wanted through its public planning process, involving roughly 500 property owners, merchants, and other citizens.




Gateway Park

At the end of Madison Avenue in Historic Downtown Yuma. With the shade provided by the freeway bridge, the river beach is a popular swimming spot in the summer.




Fortuna Wash Bridge

The bridge makes US 95 a safer and more-reliable route for agricultural shipments, international trade and seasonal visitors.




West Wetlands Pond

The West Wetlands Pond and the surrounding lawn area are available for recreational use. The pond is 15 ft deep at the center and is regularly stocked with a variety of game fish by partners, Arizona Game & Fish Department. A fishing license is required and there are special daily limits for the pond.




3E Bridge

A Bridge Widening project that was a cooperative effort between ADOT and the City of Yuma.




Lane restrictions scheduled on US 95

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Lane restrictions scheduled on US 95 in Yuma beginning June 24

Drivers should allow extra travel time and plan for possible delays

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises drivers to plan ahead for lane restrictions on US 95 in Yuma.

Contractors are scheduled to pave between Dome Valley Road (milepost 36) and Adair Road (milepost 40).

The following restrictions will occur from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, June 24, through Friday, June 28.

  • US 95 will be narrowed to one lane between Dome Valley and Adair roads.
  • Flaggers will direct motorists through the work zone.
  • A 12-foot vehicle width restriction will be in place.

Motorists should allow extra travel time and plan for possible delays while work is underway.